Green things II

Another green moment today that I just had to capture... (But actually not that green, since they are disposable tissues - oh the torturous passages of my mind).And here is one of my daughter's installations, as I like to think of them. Even as a two year old, she would swipe things from around the house and set them up in an array on the floor, on the bed wherever. I will have to go on a photographic hunt in my backup drive to be able to show you her previous work, but this is today's oeuvre. Limited to the stuff in the "dinette" box but nonetheless quite nice to look at I think.
I have just come back from a workout at the gym. I do a lot of thinking during my warm-up on the treadmill. I like thinking in an active way in an attempt to distract myself from my body telling myself to stop and go home. I like to push myself on my little warm-up. I think one of the books I shall buy myself with my birthday Amazon gift voucher is this one by Haruki Murakami. He is almost my favourite author and I am interested to read er...what he talks about when he talks about running! I think I might find it inspiring. But there are so many books I would like to read and I will probably do what I usually do... fill up my basket to the brim and then put them all back again because at the end of the day I know that I don't really NEED them.

J'aime vraiment la couleur vert. Et c'est facile de se trouver dans un moment tout à fait VERT lorsque l'on a un mur vert chez soi. Je n'aime pas le bleu à priori et chez moi l'on en trouve très peu, mais je me demande si je ne voudrais pas avoir un canapé turquoise. Bleu canard plutôt. Cela pourrait me changer les idées. Oh tenez, je vous montre le canapé en question de chez IKEA et vous allez voir que nous n'aurions même pas avoir besoin nécessairement de changer de couleur de mur - le plaid sur le canapé est de la même couleur que notre mur. Too much?

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