Another wahey!! The first time I dropped the feed-dogs and used the darning foot on my sewing machine was exhilerating. Hence the heartfelt wahey!! I quilted this cushion cover all over quite meticulously and I am so pleased with the result. What do you think? I am working on a third in similar colours. It's difficult to work out something different but complementary. I don't want to over do it on the whole patchwork/colour effect but I can't seem to stop.
And then today I was knitting a square that I am going to felt to apply to another cushion cover (obssessed) and I realised that the greeness of the experience needed to be documented. The jumper I am wearing was given to me by a friend. His aunt had knitted it for him but he saw the green and thought of me.
In other creative fields... these are D's legs. Who says you have to stick to face painting? Of course the advantages of painting faces, rather than say feet, are immediately obvious once you have spent an afternoon following red footprints with a damp cloth around the house.
And in a New Yeary, lets get creative effort... and to try out a Christmas present (thanks Bec) here are two pictures that I drew of me as a mermaid and my friend Hsiao-Yi as a mermaid. I am very proud of DOING them. But ahem not quite so proud of the results.
And that's you just about up to date on the year so far. B is taking me toVenice without the children for five days starting this Friday. Yup this is my life not a dream!!! Wahey!!!!

Coudre en écrivant est franchement à conseiller. J'avais un sens de liberté que je n'avais pas eu jusque là avec ma machine à coudre. Deux de mes lignes de patchwork étaient en homage à ma fille, qui est dans sa phase où tout doit rimer (?). Une ligne française: chou, fou, loup, doux, nous et une ligne anglaise: zoo, clue, phew!, who, you. J'adore. J'adore aussi le coussin et j'en fais un troisième dans un style et des couleurs similaires mais différents - pas si facile à réaliser.

Et puis aujourd'hui je tricotais un carré pour en faire... du laine bouillie (?) du feutre (?) et il fallait que je documente l'effet. Et oui j'aime le vert. Un peu trop vous dites? Impossible!!! Mon ami m'a donné le pull que sa tante lui avait tricoté - quel cadeau.

Sinon, chez nous on ne peint pas que les visages... mais on devrait! Pour éviter les empreintes sur le canapé, le sol, les draps....

Et dans un effort d'être plus créative encore (et pour essayer un cadeau de noël) me voilà en sirène. 20/20 pour l'effort. 9/20 pour la réalisation! Mais le 20 vaut le 9 ou vice versa, en tout cas je me comprends!!

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