Nature table

I got this book earlier on this year and it is full of nice thoughts, ideas and projects to do with children. The one I am enjoying implementing most with the kids right now is the nature table idea. We have set up a little spot by the front door. What I appreciate most about this project is that we now have an official space to put all those flowers, feathers, acorns, stones etc that make their way into our house on a daily basis and when that space is full, well we have to decide what stays and what goes. Finite space is a good thing compared to the usual and annual autumnal take-over of the flat (one year it was a hostile take-over... by maggots who had used that old trojan horse technique substituting acorns for horses). And today is the first day of autumn as was perfectly illustrated to us by the state of the woods today during our afternoon walk so now our nature table is quite a picture. But, ahem, autumnal failing light means that, for now, my picture of it is blurry - soz!

Oh and I felt like writing about the nature table because I saw this post from the other side of the planet where spring is just making its welcome entrance.

In other news... I have cast on for a sock and it has taken me two weeks to knit about ten rounds. So my creativity is going nowhere fast. Every other domain of my life is going so fast I am quite out of breath.

Ce livre m'a pas mal inspirée cette année et l'un de mes projets préférés est la "table de la nature". J'adore en avoir une à la maison: elle est jolie, elle est limitée dans l'espace (et ainsi le nombre de glands, marrons, feuilles etc qui peuvent être admis chez nous est limité - enfin!!) et elle a éveillé en nous l'envie d'observer, de documenter et d'apprécier ce qui se passe dans la nature au fur et au mesure des saisons.

Oh j'ai composé "une poésie de saison" mais je n'arrive pas à le prononcer... au secours

Mon marron est marron
Mon marron marron est marrant
Mon marron marron marrant est perdu
Mon rendez-vous m'a rendu mon marron marron marrant.

OK je suis la seule qui en rit (comme d'hab).


  1. Maggots!? Maybe try baking the things you find on a low heat for a while to kill anything lurking inside.

  2. Thanks for this comment - I think it will come in very handy fending off future attacks! I do feel kind of stupid about the maggots now though :-p

  3. sophy5:42 PM

    mais non moi je trouve se poème trés chouette et trés subtile!well done!biz


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