Here is a photo of a beetle I encountered on the tarmac yesterday. I just had to whip out the camera to capture that gorgeous, shiny, green armour.

I have just spoken to my Mum on the phone and she told me that a certain cousin of mine... hi Jane! reads my blog!! I am really happy to think of you all (family and friends and of course maybe people I don't know) out there reading my nonsense. So thank you! I am sorry in a way that I don't put photos of the kids or talk more about stuff we get up to but I am also happy with having a certain amount of anonymity. That being said, I find myself completely unable to even take the cover off my sewing machine at the moment so with the lack of "look what I made" posts I am resorting more and more to writing in green rather than purple!!! I really hope that the creative bug will catch up with me soon and I now imagine this bug in very real terms: with a shiny purple carapace (is that a word in English?) and hairy legs and slow, deliberate movement (not unlike my green friend above). A nice little chap. And he will be very welcome.

A small anecdote about my arty girl: today as soon as she came out of shool she said "look Mummy, I put this in my sock" and proceeded to remove from said sock a pencil sharpener. She then opened the reservoir and held it out for me to inspect: "Look Mummy it's so beautiful" she said, talking about the densely packed curls of pencil shavings of all colours!! And there we go. I love the fact that she sees these things.

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