Quickly quickly

Got this in the post today... I am so happy with the colours etc. I'll write more tomorrow...

Oops it is almost the end of tomorrow now and I thought I would have more time to write and that I would have taken more photos of these lovely coasters but... well no!

So... I didn't make these coasters myself at all (and the fourth was being used elsewhere when I took the photo). They come from Malka of A Stitch in Dye's Etsy shop and they are so much more vibrant in real life! Malka is an expert at dying fabric (I also bought two half yards of hand-dyed, green, stripey material from her). I love Malka's sense of colour and the way she pieces her work: I am inspired by everything she does and I am so looking forward to using her fabric in some of my own projects.

Maybe this weekend... who knows.

In other news... my mother in law moved house this week and unearthed lots of bottles of champagne from her cellar. So believe it or not I have drunk pink champagne from 1983 this week! Any French person will tell you that Champagne can't be kept more than ten years before going off but I think that the mental buzz of drinking a 1983 pink Champagne (ha-ha!) overrides any er protesting taste buds.

Cette semaine nous avons bu du Champagne rosé de 1983. Incroyable! Ma belle mère a déménagé et elle a trouvé plusieurs bouteilles de Champagne (et de vin) oubliées dans sa cave. (C'était le type de cave où il est possible d'oublier des bouteilles de vin, derrière les gros caissons, les petits pots, les étagères, valises et...). Je ne vais pas vous dire que ce vieux Champagne était bon. Mais j'ai beaucoup aimé le boire quand même!


  1. these are yummy! bravo lady. made more trousers in the softest corduroy. My boy loves them and all the mom's at school now want to make some!

  2. Hi Julie! Oh gosh I wish I did make these and they are indeed yummy; but they come from A Stitch in Dye - see updated post.


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