Oops. Je n'avais vraiment pas l'intention d'être absente si longtemps... Objectif ratrappage: poster un message éclair tous les jours pour aussi longtemps que je tiens! Aujourd'hui il ne s'agit d'éclair mais plutot de cookies... végétaliennes bien sûr. La première fois que je fais cette recette et j'en suis très contente. Je vais pas vous ennuyer avec mon idée de faire moi-même toutes les cochonneries que ma famille mange (petits gâteaux, chips, glace...) pour réduire les quantités (qui ne sont pourtant pas énormes) et pour les assainir (?) un maximum.

Oh dear me! I didn't mean to be gone so long. Lots and lots of news however. In an attempt to catch up and make amends... I will try to post every day for the next... as long as I can keep it up. But short messages!!

Today's subject... new cookie recipe! Vegan of course (first attempt at using ground flax seeds and I ground them in my pestle and mortar giving myself a shouder sprain in the process - there must be an easier way!) and they are yummy - chewy, chocolately, kids like them. I have a sort of plan in my head which is to make all of the bad stuff my family eat myself! Stuff like biscuits, ice cream (yup), crisps (yup too), chips, with the aim of reducing the quantity we eat and er making them healthier. We don't eat a lot of these things but. Then the idea would be to reduce sugar and fat content until anything sweeter than fruit makes us all want to throw up. Ha ha.

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