More figs!

A quick posting, two in the same day wow, and still about food... My mother-in-law got back from Montenegro yesterday and has just arrived at our house for lunch bearing gifts. She has brought us tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes and figs - all picked from the garden yesterday. And so just for the sake of it, here is the middle of the fig I am just about to eat... check out the difference between this juicy baby and that nasty (now) dry one below!

Ma belle mère est revenue du Monténégro hier et elle a ramené des figues fraiches. Je vais manger celle-ci dans... vingt secondes. Regardez la différence entre celle-ci - belle, juteuse, brillante - et la vieille sèche en bas.

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  1. Hello jenny!j'espère que tu vas bien.ici tout est ok et bien sur je te compte dans mes piffées!!c'est cool!des bisous


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