Busy busy

It's all busy busy my end with pattern tracing, pattern cutting, sewing, planning... oh and er murder mystery reading. Just a little of the last but I have discovered Stuart MacBride and he writes ever so well...

I want to make a shirt for boyf, as I mentioned, but it turns out he has Montenegran mountain-man proportions rather than nipponesque proportions. No surprise, but will require some pattern tweaking. Anyhow must get on! I'll leave you with a photo of my foot... taken on the next stage of our holidays.
To be continued...

PS Boyf might have mountain man proportions, but I have mountain man feet, right? Whatta match.

Mon pied. Le pied! Je vous raconterai ça la prochaine fois.

Je suis en pleine action ici: je coupe, je calque (?), je planifie, je mesure, je lis un peu (juste en attendant que le fer à repassage chauffe...).

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