I have just finished sewing up this skirt I made for my friends' daughter's birthday... The pattern comes from Girly Style Wardrobe. It is cute. But maybe too cute. Not enough rock chick as it were. I was looking through pattern books the other day (the puddle in the bookshop day) and realised that all Japanese craft books are variations on a theme and that if you have one and a bit of imagination you kind of have them all. Arrogant and probably false I know but that is how I am feeling right now. I'm moving on from the Japanese esthetic for women and girls. Still lurve the boys' stuff. But moving on where to? That is the big question. I think I might have to start designing stuff myself. But can I cut it? Ha ha.

Je viens de terminer cette jupe pour la fille de ma copine. Une petite jupe sympathique. Mouais... Un peu trop classic. Pourrait-on s'amuser portant une jupe comme ça? Pas sûr. Il va falloir que je dessine une jupe dans laquelle la vie peut être rigolotte. Défi.

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