Not been doing much. Having fun with the family. My boyfriend is learning how to draw and so wants me to sit for him all the time (after 5pm I just fall asleep if I do though). My son is rarely human but has an impressive repertoire of animals he'd rather be (cat, dog, snail, crab, crocodile, mountain goat, parrot, monkey, cow, dinosaur, horse, bear... shall I go on - total entertainment) and my daughter has discovered card games and, more importantly, that it's more fun to play when you don't cheat! So I bought her her first pack of grown-up cards (couldn't find any in the house although I find this hard to believe) and we have been playing quite a bit. When I was a student (before the internet was invented I believe ;-) ) I used to play for hours and hours especially with a particular friend (hello there friend are you reading?) and I found to my amazement that most of the games we played actually exist!!! It's official "sh*thead" is a real game of cards!!! Wow. Don't think I'll teach that one to her yet - even though we did teach it to a French student who ended up calling it chickenhead which would be acceptable. But I have taught her rummy and scopa and another one (the one where the person left with the black jack loses) and the site I linked to above is a real treasure trove of card games. Good times ahead methinks.

Otherwise been planting: I put some mint in an old zinc container I found in the street the other day and I really like the result. I put my potatoes in (a bit late, but as they say...) and really, you see, it is much better when I blog with something to say n'est-ce pas?

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