When the sun was hiding

The sun was out again today but I thought I'd share with you a project from when we had just moved in here. It was March. It was grey and dismal. The winter seemed interminable. My boyfriend especially finds it hard at that time of year to keep his spirits up and he made a comment one morning to the effect that he needed the sun back. So during the day I made a new net curtain for one of our two little stairwell windows that look over the courtyard. The sun was out when he got home and, even more surprising, he noticed it!. The photo is er rubbish! But in real life it works out just fine (and sunny).
I had been thinking about making something this way for a while: basically I applied patches of yellow fabric with a short zigzag stitch and then cut away the white fabric from behind leaving the yellow visible from both sides. Pretty nice reversible effect for a curtain. One point was wonky and there was no way I was going to upick it - that is the big disadvantage with zigzg stitch. I would like to do something similar for our bathroom door which has normal glass panels and I am trying to come up with words that not only read the same from the front and the back but that also er mean something!!

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  1. What's a great idea!!
    I also love the sarouel you have made, there are gorgeous...


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