So I was winding this wonderful wool the other day and ended up in a tangle!! (how???!!) I love this wool and it is so perfect to knit with that I have discovered a major imperfection with my knitting. I think it's a tension thing (complicated to explain but my stocking stitch doesn't look like lots of Vs, it looks like lines of rope) and I think it doesn't really matter and I definitely think I shouldn't start trying to correct it until I have knitted the second of what will be a beautiful pair of socks.
I and the kids got creative yesterday. We all had lots of fun painting. I carved a potato into some simple stamps and my daughter and I experimented with those while my son just let loose with the brushes and, of course, his hands.
Today when we got back from school I showed little man one of his dry paintings and he immediately wanted to do some more. And so we got the paints out all again.

We are moving (cross fingers) in a month's time and one of the things I am most looking forward to is having an upstairs where I can hide the television. Actually none of us ever watches television (apart from the football World Cup and the Euro), but we do have a large collection of DVDs and I think that the children watch them far too much - partly because the television is right there where everything else is. In the new house, we plan to put the television on the top floor, out of sight and hopefully out of mind, and on the ground floor, in the kitchen/living room open-plan, awesome space we will have, we will put our music and books and... an amazing craft cupboard - full of tempting potential projects such as paints, pens, pencils, paper, stickers, old magazines, glue, toilet rolls, stampers, anything that will encourage us all to put our imagination to good use. Moving is going to be so difficult on many levels so it is nice to concentrate on the good things - new habits are easier to make in a new environment.

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