We have been blighted by illness again. Little boy with a "gastro" . "Gastro" is what the French call what I would call a "tummy bug". Not nice. Yesterday he spent all day either in my arms without moving (not the usual squirmer) or on the sofa swaddled in blankets with his bread and jam on his lap. He wouldn't let me remove the bread and jam even though he only ate one tiny square of it all day. He is really starting to talk well, stringing words together and learning new ones at an incredible pace. Yesterday though I don't think he said one work all day until late afternoon. Poor little guy.

J'étais interdite d'enlever l'assiette même si mon petit garçon malade n'a mangé qu'un petit carré de tartine de toute la journée. Et oui, encore une gastro..

Girlie is as resiliant as ever and just has a cold. Today she is over playing at a friend's house. At first she wanted me to pick out her clothes (any skirt or T-shirt would have done apparently) but since I'd like her to gain more autonomy this year I dug my heels in and so she went clothes picking. So glad she did - I love her style. Blue flowery tights are underneath those blue summer trousers I made her...

J'adore quand ma fille choisit ses vêtements en prenant le temps, je trouve vraiment qu'elle a du style!!
And I have just finished grafting the toe on my first completed "love sock". Here is a floor-eye view. I love this sock. I can't wait to cast on the next one but I think I will put it on hold while I knit up a couple of hats and socks for other people... I have some sewing projects I want to get on with too. Oh I checked my bank statement and the wool I bought in the UK over Christmas came out in euros practically what it had cost me in pounds. YAY!!! Methinks a little log-on to a certain internet site might be merited...

J'ai terminé la première de la paire. Mais la deuxième va devoir attendre - hélas - car j'ai trop de projets à faire pour d'autres personnes à part moi-même. Ahhh. J'adore cette chausette.
I do like hand-knitted socks... The other sock is one of the pair kidnapped by the Chinese "nounou" back in 2007 (gulp) and which I happen to be wearing today. It was funny because the other day I saw her in the train to Paris (hadn't seen her in over a year) and was actually wearing the socks. So I pulled up my trouser leg to show her and we both had a laugh! You don't need to speak the same language to communicate.
Another funny thing was that I was in IKEA with my friend the other day (not the same other day) and who should walk by but my postman and his family, whom I have of course never met. I said hello to my postman and he to me and then we both did a double take because his wife said hello to my friend and she to her. Turns out my friend was my postman's son's teacher last year!!! Small world.

J'étais à IKEA avec ma copine l'autre jour et j'ai vu mon facteur avec sa famille (que je ne connais pas bien sûr). On s'est dit bonjour lorsque on s'est vu et puis, trop drôle, sa femme et ma copine se sont saluées aussi!! En fait le fils de mon facteur était dans la classe de ma copine (instit) l'année dernière!!! Une coïncidence assez marrante.

Have a good weekend!!
Bon weekend!!

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