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I made biscuits today. And I have no idea if I have already blogged about them (note to self: must start labelling posts). But here we go again if I have. (just looked and I have, in October, here) They are the chocolate-chocolate chip-walnut cookies from Veganomicon. I don't put walnuts in though. They are so very delicious but I said that already. That book has to be my all time favourite recipe book for actually making things out of. I'm a great one for reading recipe books but never making anything. I told my daughter I was a "dunker" and she wanted to know what that meant. I had no problem showing her. (hey YOU close your eyes for the next photo).

Encore ces petits gâteaux déclieux. Mais au moins maintenant vous savez d'où ils viennent - un livre absolument génial, rempli de bonnes recettes végétaliens...
And tea was pizza. Again. There are probably a hundred photos of pizzas I have made on this blog too: there certainly are on my computer. My base seemed weird as I was kneading it but it turned out to be one of the best I have made. And on my one I just put lambsfoot lettuce dressed in olive oil, salt and pepper and one sliced, fresh shitake mushroom. Absolutely devine. I have never had fresh ones before.

Bizarrement Monoprix avait des champignons shitake frais et j'en ai mis un sur ma pizza ce soir. Une pizza toute simple. Un champignon, une poignée de mâche, un moment délectable. J'ai envie d'écrire " délectablé " car c'est malheureusement dans le passé.
I made enough dough to make other bready things tomorrow. Like olive bread sticks for the kids who would eat nothing else and "snails" - another family fave whereby you make a savoury chelsea bun type thing with homemade red-pesto (whizzed sundried tomatoes, basil, garlic, almonds, olive oil) instead of sticky raisins. Right. Onwards...

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