Ice cream

(Yay! Purple again!!) Well the story goes... my friend Domi modelled an amazing ice cream cone for my son out of play dough this morning. So amazing in fact that... he... ate it! No fluorescent poo as yet but I'm waiting. So I made him one out of material. It took about the same amount of time that it would have taken to make another one in play dough so er yup not very realistic and certainly not the amazing piece of craftsmanship that I had hoped to wow you with by the end of the week (remember). But what a success story. This sorry looking, monotone, practically unidentifiable object is probably THE success story of my entire sewing career! So much of a success that the twelve-hour-old ice cream cone looks twelve years old and has been licked by a dog, dropped in mud and puddles, trodden on in the after-school rush, hidden by D, faught over by the both of them and er photographed for publication on the internet! Wow! We plan on making some different flavours over the weekend because well, we know ice cream round here (D once ate three in a two hour period in Italy - bad parenting but it all happened abroad so can be written off as jet lag). Er... I'll stop waffling. I have supper to cook for me and my loved one. We have some house talk to talk!!!

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