Big News

Big news! Last night we concluded negotiations on buying a house! Arghh. In a few months time therefore we will be moving into a lovely, large, four-bedroomed, town house with a beautiful courtyard at the back. We know the house well since, and this story still freaks me out with it's impossibleness, it currently belongs to my best friend and her soon to be ex-husband. Yup we are buying our friends' house. And the freaky part is that the soon-to-be-ex is buying our flat!! Can you believe that?!! The house is on the other side of Paris so the hard part will be that - uprooting. But I am so excited about this transition. It feels like an adventure.

Picture-wise, everyone's doing it so er, for once, I am too: my feet in autumn er twigs and mud. In my memory my feet were in beautiful autumn leaves!! I'll have to go out and take another picture...

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