I ate one of my favourite lunches today. Maki! Yum. The trick is to cook too much rice when you eat it as part of a different meal, split it while still hot and stir in the vinegar and sugar straight away and then just leave it to cool. That way the next day (for example) you can make up the maki rolls in no time. Today I just stuffed them with what I had in the fridge: cold savoy cabbage, green asparagus, sweet corn and pickled ginger. I couldn't be bothered to make up some wasabi paste so I used Dijon mustard. Yum. (Oh and by the way, completely unrelated, do you like my pansies?).
Then this afternoon I cooked some of my favourite mango-ginger sauce from Vegan with a Vengence. Here it is in the pan simmering. In the book it is used as a marinade for tofu and it is indeed good like that. But today I am making it just as a sauce to go with the millet and broccoli croquettes from Veganomicon. I love the gingery, mangoey, spicey flavour and the sauce goes well, hot or cold, with just about anything (but then maybe my palate is less refined than some!).

When I found out that Barack Obama had won the elections this morning, I really did almost cry (with joy). The tears welled up. D asked me why I was (almost) crying and I explained. Later on she said to me "Mummy, I am so happy that your dream came true!". Um. Well I wouldn't quite put it like that but I am happy too. Very embarrassed to have (almost) blubbered over politics. But happy nonetheless.

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