Maple leaf

I found this leaf on the way home from the baker's (with warm baguette) this morning. I think it is Japanese maple and the colours in this one leaf would do me for a lifetime I think. I love the green veins on the pink, the pale yellow... There is so much sunlight coming in at me right now that to tell the truth I cannot judge the quality of the photo but I hope it captures the leaf. D is learning flags. Her absolute favourite for the moment is Honduras (!!?) but she recognises a lot of them and I taught her about the Canadian flag and maples and maple syrup in Paris the other day when we passed in front of the Canadian cultural centre.

Anyway... I realised that the cushion I made recently, the autumnal one, is similar in tone to the leaf so here is a photo of them together. Actually, a friend slept on this cushion, with a pillowcase, when he stayed at ours a couple of weeks ago and I think the experience was so comfortable (and my cover so nice of course) that he asked me if he could buy it off me. At first I was reluctant because I love it and made it for our flat but I realised that this attitude would fill up my flat but not my pockets in the long term so I accepted and set my price. Yay! A sale. I am an artisan seamstress.

In other news... D left today for Montenegro with her aunt and two cousins. Yikes... two weeks without her. This is the first time we will have been apart for so long. I suspect that when we arrive in Montenegro at the beginning of August we will find our daughter all grown up! Two weeks is a long time for a five and a half year old (and a thirty-youngthing mother).
J'ai trouvé cette feuille en rentrant de la boulangerie ce matin. J'adore les couleurs et j'avais presque envie de la peindre ou de la dessiner ou de trouver une autre manière de la représenter. Mais je me suis rendu compte qu'en quelque sorte je l'avais déjà fait sous forme de cette housse de coussin où l'on retrouve les même tons. J'adore mon coussin, j'adore la feuille. Et les deux ne resteront pas avec moi et donc il est bien que j'en parle ici... la feuille ira là où vont les feuilles et la coussin va atterir sur le canapé d'un copain qui a dormi dessus chez nous et qui a aimé et qui a proposé de l'acheter. Et j'ai accepté. Hourrah! Je suis une artisane!

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