Library sur herbe

Busy and hectic day in Paris today. Lots of walking and talking. D and I had a conversation lasting an hour and a half planning an imaginary ball to which the whole family was invited - we discussed who was going to wear what to the very last detail; far more exhausting than the simultaneous walking!!! But just as picturesque.

Anyway walking home from the station I half had in my mind a very lazy rest of the day just vegging at home when, lo and behold, what should we spy but some chairs in the town hall's gardens and boxes of books. Yes the library is camping out this summer and everyone is invited. So that is where we vegged for the rest of the day. We spent a good three hours there; at first reading books to each other and then I talked with various people while my children drew with their friends in the grass, (paper, felt-tips and board for support all thoughtfully provided by the librarian). Wow. The photo above is of the less occupied side of the gardens - believe me there were plenty of people making the most of this amazing initiative.

Ah après une journée épuisante en ville quoi de mieux qu'une bibliothèque en plein air? Nous avons passé trois heures ici cet après-midi avec des livres et des revues, des feutres et des copains. Nous nous sommes retrouvés entre amis (Mimi la souris, la meilleure copine et son frère) et nous avons fait de nouvelles connaissances "littéraires" (Léonardo, Mélusine...) et réelles (RV au même endroit demain avec certains). Nous nous sommes reposés, nous avons réspiré. Et maintenant... repos et réspiration encore plus profonds: dodo!

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