Monsters (and foot)ball

Oh dear! I had lots of things to say this week but no time to say it! Here I am quickly to show you pictures of monsters I made for D's friends to take home after her party, which was today. To be honest the monsters only had a 50% success rate - two friends didn't want them but I had lots of fun making them and D was an excellent design consultant; a lot of the fabric combinations and details (like the L nose! How cool). I love the whole recycling thing going on here too. All of the fabric comes from household items, clothes or socks worn and used by us and the stuffing came from that old tattered sleeping bag that my two children had many dreamy night in.

Hey I'm missing the footy! The final. Byeee!!


  1. Made the pants and want to email you a photo. THEY ARE SO CUTE! There are so many more pairs in our future. I found that if I measured the elastic for the waistband and doubled that width it was the perfect with for fabric. I'll send you photos if you'd like to see them. THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Julie
    I am so pleased you made the trousers and like them. I would really like to see them - can't wait in fact! And what a good idea to be systematic about the measurements. Would you mind if I added your twice the elastic length suggestion to the tutorial? My email is Jellybeanlupin at gmail dot com. Thanks a lot.Oh by the way, was your child happy with them? How old is he/she?


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