Old and new. Or old and recycled acutally.

This, quite obviously I hope, is S's old sleeping bag. Before belonging to him, it belonged to his sister and before that to an ex-colleague of mine's children. I have tried patching it and the zip has been resewn countless times but the lining became so thin and worn that, well, this is the result. Enter the new one...The pattern is more or less traced from the old one (done in an unusual fit of antapathy last night). The outer material is an old Habitat duvet cover that was too worn near the top (from being tucked up under our little chins so often no doubt) but that I loved and so saved of course. The lining is aubergine coloured fleece from last winter - remember the mittens? (I was going to buy some batting but that is not in line with my use what you have philosophy so I didn't and phew). The whole thing is quite cosy and fun. I am v. pleased. But... it was a bit of a rush job - I ripped out the zip of the old one after S's morning nap and had to put it in the new one and sew up the sides etc. in time for afternoon nap. The resulting er reverse-French-seam is an invention I am not too eager to promote and well the zip has a few tension issues. I do have to finish up the shoulders - I just sewed the outer seam for nap time - but apart from that... well done there that girl!!

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