The waiting game

I can't seem to rotate this image for some reason - you will have to cock your head! I have just forced myself to finish the Big Wool little jacket for little boy. Forced because I was unhappy with the fit of the sleeves in the sleeve holes when I finished the knitting part several weeks ago. The sleeves seem too small and I think the proportions look funny and wrong. So I was putting off finishing but feeling far too lazy to reknit some sleeves or find another solution. I had planned to paint the little wooden buttons in bright colours but I am feeling far too lazy for that too (such a shame but hey I forgive me) So! I don't really like the jacket but it should keep him cosy and warm. All he has to do now is er be born!! At two days from my due date I am feeling really impatient. I thought he would be here early and have been feeling "any-day-nowish' since about October 21st and so now I feel like he will never decide to come out of his bubble! And I can't really say I blame him. The weather has gone really cold and the mornings are misty. I want a bubble.

D asked for some mittens so I went looking for some in the shops. I almost died with shock at seeing the asking price for a certain pair pink acrylic mittens and most other handwarmers for four year olds I saw were gloves and D just doesn't have the finger control to put on a pair of gloves correctly by herself (does any four-year-old?). So I decided to knit her a pair (why wasn't this my first instinct?). But I couldn't find a children's mitten pattern and was worried that if the baby came and I hadn't finished knitting, F would have cold hands. Then I remembered the fleece I bought the other week and so on Saturday morning, in no time at all, I improvised these little mittens and I must say that I am most pleased with the result!!! Of course now I want to make lots of pairs for all the little girls and boys I know. But since I still have two unfinished cats waiting for faces and other more important Christmas projects taking shape in my head and, of course, a rendez-vous at the hospital in the surely not too distant future, I have decided that more mittens can wait.

This blog has been only about sewing and knitting for so long now that it seems strange to write about another subject, but I just quickly wanted to write about the farmer's market I visited with some friends the other day. We shopped for our lunch then went back to their's to cook and eat it. We chose some purple cauliflower, some big lamb's foot lettuce and some red snappers. Oh and some bright red, shiny little apples. Let me say it was a real joy to look at, choose, buy, prepare and eat that delicious, fresh and healthy meal !!! I am determined to go to this market at least once a week from now on (baby permitting) to buy our little family's vegetables and fruit. I felt awful not having done this before (although in my defense the market is in a neighbouring town a bus ride away...) since I feel so strongly about buying in season and locally and am always moaning about not being able to do so in my town. I realise now that I just haven't opened my eyes, asked around, made enough effort to find out exactly where I can by local food. So now I am impatient for baby to arrive for that reason too - to get back to that market. Even thinking about looking at celeriac, potatoes, beetroot, apples, broccoli etc makes my mouth water!!! Boy I regretted my camera. I will take some pictures next time I go.

Right, onwards!!

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