Hello again

I'm back after almost two months off. So much to say and obviously I will never have enough time to note down everything that has been whizzing through my head so I will very quickly write down a few thoughts now and just try to blog regularly again from now.

Well S was born early November and is healthy and lovely. Two months old. He is gorgeous and just like his sister - a cool baby. I am breastfeeding him and it is going incredibly well thanks to an amazing worker at the clinic who by maintaining an optimistic attitude gave me the confidence I needed to battle on past cracked nipples. Thank God I bumped into her. I would like to write S's birth story but not now and maybe not here... dunno.

Christmas and New Year were great but tiring. Xmas: at home, pizza for lunch. Then family over for a few days. Then a quiet New Year. The whole lot as calm as I wanted but with so much fun for D - all about Santa, Rudolph, presents, seeing family...

Haven't done many creative things since S was born. I made a pair of Amy Butler PJ bottoms from In Stitches (she calls them something else lounge pants I think). I even ordered some of her material off the net to do them. Loved the process so much I have ordered some more material and intend to make three more pairs - two for me and one for my sister in law. I have also decided to try to make some clothes for myself this year- in my mind I am thinking a skirt, a shirt, a peasant blouse thing, a dress. Also some dresses for D, trousers for S maybe... And I am preparing to do my first patchwork project - a pot holder. Boring but actually very useful and maybe I will actually finish it. I am itching to knit something serious. S jumper for me. D needs one too. I only have stash for things I don't have patterns for and I feel like reading instructions not hoofing it.

Now I am trying to organise myself for a very productive and radically different year. I have bought and read Getting Things Done by David Allen and I am trying to implement his organisation system. I think it will help me er get things done!! Things that have been hanging around - mainly projects to do with the flat (make curtains, finish kitchen) and my professional life. Thanks to this book I have already moved things around to create a special sewing space for my sewing machine in the bedroom.

My intentions for 2007 include: Transform this blog into a great looking place and learn how to do that. Also, use it to communicate with other people. Think I will start giving the address out to family and friends and putting a bit more personal info into it. Figure out how to earn enough money in a new way by September. Look after baby boy. Oh too tired to even think of all this now. I will go to bed and write more another day.

Oh and by the way... we now go to the farmer's market every Sunday morning. Get up, get bus go to the market as a family. I get the veggies for the week and B goes off and gets the cheese, the wild mushrooms, the meaty things...

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