New Camera

Yipee!! I have a new camera! I bought it yesterday and thanks to special delivery it arrived this morning and the battery is fully charged and I have started experimenting. It is a Canon IXUS 65 and I must say it is tiny compared to my previous camera but boy am I impressed with the improved picture quality!! Just to prove it, here are a couple of pictures of the little cat I posted yesterday taken with the new camera in very similar conditions. Also, a picture of the mobile phone cover I made last weekend with the left over Silk Garden and didn't even mention (wow I am so used to inferior quality it is such a delight to be able to take such nice photos). Otherwise, not much to report. I am waiting to give birth and that does tend to put a slant on everything you think about maybe undertaking. Right I want to get on and do something. And that something is NOT tweaking the layout of this page which I can't seem to prettify!!!

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