Sarouel Trousers

Hey! If I write it here, I'll actually do it, right?
Yesterday I made a pair of sarouel trousers for a boy doll we have. D has been nagging me to make him some underwear for ages (years in fact) and since S has started playing with him too, I just sat down and finished the little doll's T-shirt, made out of the sleeve of one of my brother's old T-shirts and made up a simple pair of sarouel trousers out of the off-cuts of one of my Mum's dresses in a lovely soft jersey. It took about half an hour to do all that. Well years of procrastination and half an hour.I love the saggy bum look of sarouel trousers - on little dolls and on little boys - and designed and made some last summer for S. They still fit him but I want to make him some more. Rather weirdly (timing-wise), just after making the doll's pair, I received a comment from someone wanting to know which pattern I had used for S's pair last year. Answer: my own. Opportunity: Write a tutorial on how to make sarouel trousers for babies or dolls or big people I guess, with either a square inside leg seam or a round one. There, I've written it. Now I have to do it right?

Oops, encore une fois, j'ai commencé en anglais et je n'ai plus le temps de traduire en français. On regarde le Parrain. Et comme hier soir je me suis endormie devant le 2, il faut revisionner la fin du 2 avant d'attaquer le 3 ce soir. Je regarde des gangsters et tout ce que j'ai dans la tête, ce sont des carrés de patchwork, des pantalons sarouel...

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