Summer clothes

The summer has gone. But I was so pleased with some little trousers I sewed for S when summer was still with us that I am going to post about them.

I caught (a hot, dry, desert) wind of sarouel trousers! And I thought I would try to make some myself for baby boy. I ended up making three pairs out of poplin, linen and a cotton weave. All to the same design which I worked out myself. There are several great things about these trousers.
1) They are so cute and comfy!

2) I made them in a size that will last for ages. S wears them now rolled up, but will be able to wear them for years! To give you an idea, they fit D, who is five, as capri sarouel trousers. S will be one in November. ECO FASHION YAY!!

3) They are so simple to make. I might even make a tutorial because I came up with this on my own (I am sure other people do it the same way too though, it seems so obvious).

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