This is my favourite holiday photo. Taken on the boat we took from Ancona to Bar. Here we have just woken up in the morning and are following the Montenegran coast - magnificent.

OK... A little information about me. My boyfriend is ethnically Albanian (although he was born in France). His family come from Montenegro, just before the Albanian border. So, Albania, Albanian and Albanians are part of my life. This is sometimes very hard due to the differences (mainly the macho ethic) and mostly (on a good day) very enriching.

We go on holiday to Montenegro often in the summer where we have a large house and garden full of fruit trees (if you can't find me look for me in amongst the fig trees).

The beach is nearby.

Skoder lake, with the Albanian border cutting right through it is a short drive away and certain places are completely idyllic.

More crafts next time.

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