I'm back

OK, I am back. And we'll see how far I get this time!!

Here are some photos of two little creatures I made early summer. The cat was for D. She wanted one with make-up on and this is the result. Actually in my head (and definutely NOT to D) I refer to her as Lilith. Lilith the prostitute cat. That is not at all the impression I was aiming for but hey! I work very spontaneously and the cat came out like that. I don't wear make-up and I think maybe there is some reflection of my subconcious opinion about make-up there on Lilith's face. Could I have made a cute little princessy cat with make-up? Probably not.

This little creature became Enid Possumby - a possum, possibly. She was made from a recycled IKEA cushion cover. Like Lilith, she lay around for quite a while wihtout a head until inspiration struck. Again, very spontaneous facial construction. I made her for a very special little baby and was very pleased with the results.

I was especially pleased with the final touch - a little collar. The face didn't seem enough and I had an issue with my sewing machine at that point, so I hand stitched this little collar with contrasting thread and was mightily enchanted with the effect - I had no clear plan before I started stitching about how I wanted it to look I just had a vague impression of a geeky man in a nylon shirt, kipper tie and some thick-framed spectacles. Hey go with what you got!

How about a picture from today... I am painting some beads that I made from er.. air dry clay (! such expertise) to make them into Xmas presents for friends. Again, I am working spontaneously and the impressions I have of my very different friends are dictating the way I am painting the beads. I haven't got very far but I feel really excited about how they might turn out. Hey old and rusty DPNs are useful after all !!

And finally... look what my clever girl painted!! It's a papier maché plate that we made in England with my Mum ages ago and I pulled out of the craft box today. Hasn't she done a good job. I love it. And I wonder how much she was inspired by our spill-cloth!!!

In other news... I give myself until um mid-November to learn how to beautify this blog. I can do it!! (I will create an intermediate DL of .... October 20th (put it in my diary) to decide how I am going to learn this!!).



  1. Your crafting is gorgeous! thank you for the comment x

  2. Thank you very much! I think I am meant to respond here but I don't know if you will ever check back!


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