Chasing time

Hum ho. It has been so long since I last wrote and so much has happened and so little has happened. I will mention only briefly the main things we have been up to, since dwelling on them will take up too much time - I prefer to look forwards rather than backwards.
We spent a week in England for the holidays. My first time travelling with two kids and no other adult. But it was fun! D was no trouble, and even told me so - Mummy I am being as good as gold (an expression lifted from the My Naughty Little Sister books) and S only had one big crying session on a train. Not bad considering how many trains we took to get there and back (eight plus two black cab rides and two normal car rides). Part of the reason D was so good is that we spent a lot of the journey back reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl - I loved this book when I was a kid and now D loves it too and I love reading it to her. We went to stay with my parents and really a girl (talking about me!) couldn't ask for more supportive, amazing folks! They have so much time and energy to give to me and to their grandchildren. We had a great time with them and will be going back in July.I had been looking for sock wool everywhere in France and couldn't find any so was totally in awe of the choice available at Get Knitted a wool shop (and online shop) in Bristol. I bought some and here is a picture of my first sock! I adore the colours. Next a pair for my Mum and I would like to try a patterned leg bit... I also got some wool to knit some rainbow stripey jumpers for D and S next winter and some to knit myself my first jumper.

That just about sums up my crafty activities over the last month - socks. And I have been in awe of my crafty to-do list which is very long and probably will require the remainder of 2007 to be done. That realisation of course left me paralysed through intimidation but yesterday I started making some trousers for S and, while I'm at it, a couple of pairs for other little boys and a couple of dresses for some little girls. Hopefully this will get me flowing again.

The main thing that has kept me busy recently is my decision to stop eating animal products. I can't really think now what prompted me to think about this right now but I have some vegan friends who are definitely responsible for making me think about veganism in positive terms both food-wise and on the ethical front. So I have done A LOT of reading up on the subject. In books and on the internet and I have come to the conclusion that not eating animal products is better for the environment, for my health and for animal welfare. So I have stopped. Simple as that. This is a cold rational decision but one that I am happy and comfortable with. Actually I have eaten better (as in more tasty not as in more healthy although that is probably true too) since I have just been eating plants (ha ha I like that idea. Plant based food). B is supportive and has really liked the vegan meals I have been preparing. I haven't really talked to D about it becuase I haven't decided what I should do with regard to her diet. I am only half of her parents after all and the other half loves animals, to eat! And her school canteen provides well prepared healthy and balanced meals - if you think that meat can be that.

Oops another long wait while this posting sat in draft land. I will publish now without photos or re-writing. Sorry about the delay. I hope to write regularly again from now.

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