Three things

OK A quick posting because I have to go shopping for party stuff - I cannot make balloons!

1) We received a parcel from my Japanese friend - customs' description "8 pairs of socks" WOW. And look at what that turned out to be.... How cool! 2 pairs for each of us. F loves hers and I am already a fan of two-toed shoes so couldn't be happier!
2) D is doing "odd ones out" at school and so we often make up lists for the other to guess the odd one out. One of them I thought would make a lovely photo (only I said aubergine not broccoli). D said the odd one out was the orange. How amazing not to jump to the most obvious thing first (I of course had and thought the answer was broccoli!).
3) B went off to watch Rocky 6 last night and so I finished off the PJs I was making for my sister in law (even made a bag to put them in!!) and then I whipped up a pair for myself (OK I had already cut the fabric which I had bought especially for the purpose. I finished them very late so put them on immediately and slept in them - perfick!! The story is I am a complete frump in bed usually and have decided that no longer!! This is them worn therefore... I am not crazy about the photo but don't have time to pose.

The pattern is the lounge pants pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches and the fabric is also by her from the Belle collection. I love the quality of the material. (Just posted the blog and seen the photo - I hate it but have no shame!!!)

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  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Looks to me as if you just hanged yourself.


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