Pledging Fledgeling

Here is a picture of the little skirt I finished on Sunday for D. I converted a pair of boys jeans that I bought for her (nope didn't realise they were for boys) in the sales last year sometime. She wore them once and the fit was waaaay too large (they're for boys right) and so they were in my give to charity pile and then when surfing one day, I came across this and decided to have a go myself. I didn't do a jean ruffle as you can see and I made a little belt in the same material. D loves it and I am delighted with it.

I have also finished a grey top in the Built By Wendy pattern 4111 that I mentioned the other day. The material is meant to be a wool crepe (and it smelt like wool when I burnt a strand of it out of curiosity) but there is static when I take it off and so I think there must be some man-made fibre in there somewhere too unfortunately. Wool doesn't get static right? I will post a picture of the top when I have a good one. I am really pleased with it for many reasons but slightly disappointed for two - 1) S doesn't like it!! He says it is unflattering because of the gathered front bit - I love the front bit because I don't have to worry about baby2 tummy fallout but on the other hand S may be right because 2) I think I made it too big. I can wear a t-shirt plus a knitted roll neck under it. If I wanted a summer version I would have to make it in another size - thank God I traced the pattern onto kraft paper. Oh and I have decided not to make it in the mushroom print since that does not correspond to my new wardrobe criteria which I will talk about later but which involve unity of tone!!!

S is screaming away gotta go!! WIll blog soon. (heh heh).


  1. I love your jeans skirt! The fabric ruffle and belt look really good :-)

  2. Cute skirt! Must try!


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