Oh no!!! More socks!

I knitted my Mum some socks. She received them and so now I can post about them. I chose some handpainted yarn from Wildefoote in soft jazz - colours that Mama likes. It took me months and months and months to knit these socks for three reasons.
1) I started knitting them in a lacey pattern but could never knit for long enough to get into the pattern so it took forever and in any case the colourway of the yarn did nothing for the lace and vice-versa. So I started knitting them again. I decided to knit both socks simultanously so that they would be finished at the same time to avoid one sock syndrome. But,
2) The two balls of yarn turned out to be completely dissimilar in colour and pattern even though they were from the same dye lot (you can see that one is considerably darker than the other and has more white in it). My lovely Mum said she didn't mind so I didn't frog them and start again alternating two rows from each ball, as of course I should have, I felt that I had already wasted enough time and so I just carried on, but
3) The above hitches popped my enthusiasm for the project and I dragged my needles as it were.
Well they are done. They fit YAY! and I will knit another amazing pair for my Mum before next winter!
Une paire de chaussettes pour ma maman.

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