Return of the socks

Hey! I got the socks back finished!! Yay! This is bittersweet for me!! I was starting to miss them and so am glad that I have them back, the episode is finished. But I regret having let them go! I regret not having knitted them myself. There is nothing actually wrong with the ones I got back but they don't feel like mine. I will have to give them away. So this is NEVER going to happen again. Even in the name of global entente! My knitting is MINE! So you might ask what the results are like? Well... the socks are slightly too small but that was a foregone conclusion anyway . She has done a different heel from me - I do a heel flap and then pick up stiches along it and she hasn't done a heel flap but has turned the heel in a way that if you press along the heel so that the sole and the back of the heel touch, it looks like a toe. I am really sorry but I am just not au fait with socky technical stuff. The most interesting part of the sock though is the toe: again I am no Elizabeth Zimmerman so this might be completely incomprehensible, but it looks like she has knitted the sole of the sock longer than the top (with the appropriate shaping) and then folded it back so that there is a seam on the top of the sock at just about the point where the toes meet the foot. This seem seams oops this seam seems to have been sewn. Wierd!The photos below are the best I can do to capture this design. Has anyone come across socks like that? Is anyone even remotely interested?
My bonus prize... A teensy-tiny pair of handwarmers. Too small for D and not really very useful for one year old S.
Bon, je n'ai presque pas le courage de répéter le message ci-dessus en français car il met en relief mon incapacité de parler techniquement en ce qui concerne le tricot et disons que ce n'est pas le message le plus intéressent qui soit. Suffit peut-être à dire, que la nounou chinoise m'a rendu mes chaussettes, je n'ai jamais vu la façon dont elle les a tricotées, je ne les aime pas comme je les aurais aimées si je les avais tricotées moi, je ne laisserai plus personne kidnapper mon tricot, le cadeau bonus ne sert à rien!! (sans vouloir toutefois passer pour quelqu'un d'ingrat et rancunier!).

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