I have more photos but this will have to do.

Here is my new skirt. I actually made it in January (remember?) but in the end never wore it. So yesterday I shortened it and hemmed it with yellow thread and turned the trimmed-off bit upside-down, rounded it off and it became an amazing pocket. The top of the pocket already had black bias binding from the hem and I chose some of my favourite scraps to bind the rest. I wore the skirt today and I love it: comfy, practical, good looking...And here is some of the fabric I bought the other day at a shop on the viaduc des arts. They sell mainly cross-stitch stuff but have a very large selection of quilting fabric. Very large but very classic. Too boring and twee for me! I spent ages looking anyway and talked myself out of buying quite a large quantity of fabric (mainly pinks for D since I have few) for lack of funds. I did however buy this amazing fabric (only 25cms of it though) because of course you see it and think KISS, KLIMT. Yay!! And some of it went onto the binding of my pocket above so no matter what and where it ends up I will always have a bit to look at! Aaah. I bought some other fabric at another place but it deserves a post of its own.
Today. B, S and I all set off to Paris and started in the Marais eating falafel. Is there a better lunch anywhere in Paris to be had? Do you know what? I don't think so! Vegan, and everyone loves it. Even S was scoffing shredded cabbage and cucumber down with bits of falafel and humous. Yum-my! The best place to get take-away falafel is in my opinion (tried them all) Mi-va-mi. So we did that and then walked all the way to...
Believe me, it was swarming over there. Loads of people but I managed to get this shot. I had my finger on the trigger (what is that button called?) and my super-fast reflexes on standby for that brief moment when nobody was walking down this path. B is in a Roman phase. He is devouring anything related to Rome right now and has even got D on to Asterix books - for once he is happy to read the bedtime story. He watches Rome, reads Rome, talks Rome. So at the Louvre we went to the Roman section and looked at lots of busts (oer). It was actually very interesting because B could tell me the goss about each emperor or emperor's wife or whoever (and there were a lot of things going on to gossip about in those days) and also because... if you actually look at these statues that are over two thousand years old (TWO THOUSAND YEARS OLD!!!) they look extremely lifelike. It's almost freaky. Meet Agrippa.
Also I bought such a great book about pattern making from the decorative arts museum bookshop on rue de Rivoli that we happened to walk by (and er spend far too long in browsing - I know where to go back to). A good but tiring day. This blog is NOT going to become my diary I promise. Now I am off to read my new book and savour some organic 70% chocolate.

Bon aujourd'hui je suis trop fatiguée de vous écrire en français. Trop fatiguée d'avoir marché du Marais au Louvre et dans les couloirs du Louvre et du Louvre à Pyramides et d'avoir regardé des scultures, des livres, des gens et d'avoir joué avec un petit garçon qui s'en fiche des empéreurs romains, et d'avoir du chocolat noir qui m'attend dans la cuisine!! Ha ha la bonne fatigue quoi.

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