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It was only when I had uploaded the photos that I realised they are all in natural, neutral shades. I think they look lovely! And I couldn't upload as many as I would haved liked. Ach tomorrow.
Here you see a picture of one of the things I am working on right now. I regret that my skills are greater now than when my own daughter was born (and other babies who got dolls from me). D's doll hardly compares to this one which I am really enjoying making - I dyed part of my grandmother's old linen sheet (which we wore down unfortunately - thick crisp linen sheets are the way to go, well the way to go to bed of course) with tea. I hesitated because I have read that it will have a 30 to 40 year lifespan because of the acid in the tea. But if this doll is used and loved as much as I hope it will be, that should be plenty. If it sits on a shelf it will be a slow death though. I also learnt a few embroidery stitches and am especially proud of my bullion stitch nose!! BTW the doll is not my my design, I am following every instruction (how relaxing) of this little book. You will see though I have not made the same fabric choices and actually I copied all the patterns at 100% instead of 140%. The funny thing was that I didn't think that made that much of a difference until I read an article today about how Nicolas Sarkozy wants a 140% payrise. (yes from 8300euros or so to 22000euros - er a big difference indeed). Note he actually got a rise from 8300 to 19000 I just checked.

I took D to the station today. She has gone to visit her cousins in Lyon with my mother-in-law. She didn't want to go and cried and protested because she doesn't like to leave me but when she called up this evening she was fine of course and full of banter about tomorrow's trick or treating. Oh I must just write (more for me than you) about how today she, I and S, all took it in turns with the magic wand to transform each other into things. I was blown away by her imagination - her little brother transformed into a "giraffe to eat the cherries off the tree", me transformed into "a spider with (ahem) a big, big, bottom". ha ha ha. Even A at 11 months seemed really to get into the turn taking part and the wand waving.

So... I left the station and went for a little amble along the viaduc des arts. I did buy some material (more about that tomorrow) but I mainly came across this showroom for some amazing furniture. As you can see all the pieces feature natural materials, especially driftwood. So no two pieces can ever be alike.
The "créateur" uses leather - like in the absolutely gorgeous bench and stools below - and so I think I would have to make the ethical choice of not purchasing them (hah I have two kids - white is neeeever going to happen - I'm pretending the money is not the issue here). But I did seriously fall for a lamp and a cabinet (naff photos so not pictured here) and the shop is going to call me back with the prices. OMG I love that bench and stool so much.
Look at these stools!!! Perfection in a pouf!! ha ha ha. I love these little guys too and would name them I am sure.
And this is a lamp with a canvas shade and driftwood base. Again, er how much?
Well. I shall now attempt to resume all that in French I think...

Ce n'est qu'après les avoir téléchargées que je me suis rendu compte que toutes ces photos sont dans les tons naturels et neutres. Et j'adore!!

Et donc voilà, l'un de mes petits projets actuels: une poupée. Son corps est fabriqué en ancien drap teint au thé (Tetleys English breakfast bien sûr) qui apparamment va réduire sa durée de vie. Mais tant pis -
je lui souhaite 30 à 40 ans de jeux et d'amour et si elle reste au placard et bien ce sera une mort qui dure 40 ans au lieu de 75 ans (si j'avais opté pour un teint au café). Je regrette que pour ma propre fille (et ses contemporains) je n'avais ni le temps, ni la capacité de faire des poupées aussi réussies. Hmmm peut-être posterai-je bientôt des photos de mes archives personnelles... La poupée vient d'ici.

J'ai déposé D à la gare aujourd'hui. Elle est déscendue à Lyon avec ma belle-mère pour voir ses cousins. J'ai profité pour faire une petite promenade le long du viadic des arts et j'ai retrouvé ce splendide show-room plein de meubles de créateur. J'ai honte car je ne me souviens pas du nom du créateur -je posterai lorsque j'aurai demandé à la personne qui me rappellera avec les prix d'une lampe et d'un cabinet qui m'ont particulièrement séduite... aah si j'avais les moyens et pas de principes (je suis contre le cuir) j'acheterai bien ce banc et les tabourets, que je trouve sublimes!!! Et... je veux des poufs chez moi. Je me marre toute seule dans mon petit cerveau anglo-franco-Jellybeanz!

Allez à bient'

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