The fabric of my thoughts

I wanted to talk about the other fabric I bought at the viaduc des arts...

I walked past Malhia Kent and saw that there were remnants for 10 euros. This workshop makes fabric for international Haute Couture. Why oh why didn't I takle pictures to show you? The place is full of looms with fabric in progess, swatches, coats made up, cones of thread of all colours... It is a very vibrant and creative atmosphere. There is a very Chanelly feel to most of their fabric; tweedy, flourescent, garish, spangly... to be honest although you can just see the quality of the stuff, most of it is not to my taste at all. But how can you walk past a 10 euro sign in a shop like that? So I went in and bought this...
It is a mainly black, fairly thick and not-so-supple fabric with dark green and silver thread running through on the cross-grain. There is a vertical twill-weave stripe every couple of inches the rest being a gros-grainy type weave so the whole effect is a very subtle tartan. This is not doing justice to the piece, can you tell I know nothing about weaving? Anyway... It screamed at me and I got it and my head has since been buzzing with nothing but how to transform this square of material into an amazing bespoke party dress. I am thinking 70s cocktail (prawn cocktail in an avacado half) dress that would go with a beehive. Er with a twist of course. Obviously I have no real experience in fashion design and I have such a small amount of material that I have to keep it simple. My plan is three-fold. 1) Use the book I bought yesterday to make a pattern to fit my body. 2) Use that pattern to make my dress which I see as being an A-line skirt arriving just below the bust and a sleeveless fitted bodice with the shoulders wide apart and darts. I want it to have a crisp feel to it. Zip in the back. 3) and this part gets me just as excited as the rest and it came to me when I was on the train home from buying the material 3) embroider in silver thread an urban landscape along the skirt hem; a couple of skyscrapers but mainly an enourmous crane coming up the front of the skirt. Don't ask. This part may not happen. But I so hope it does!!
I have sketched my design so really have started the process. Good luck me!
Er I also bought a whopping three metres of another material that I am pretty excited about which also deserves its own post.

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