Busy busy

The day started slowly - all that kneeding and waiting - but in the end yummily...
It continued busily as I SORTED MY STASH (well my clothes fabric stash not my misc. dept. which is twice the size)!!! I never thought I would have the courage to do this but knew I should and today I did. As you can see, I don't have that much fabric - each little card below represents enough material to make at least one garment. I wrote down how much I have of each and whether or not it has been washed. It's really exciting since I feel so much closer to a whole new handmade wardrobe...And here we have the "welcome home" meal for D. As you can see, my kids and man are er most definitely NOT vegan. I had a vegan version (no cheese, veggie burger) . Sometimes I find it really difficult being vegan in a non-vegan household. I am vegan through rational decision and sometimes I get frustrated about how ridiculous it is to maintain that decision but to buy animal products for my kids!! And do I lick my fingers after handing something sticky and non-vegan to my baby? But I know I have made the right decision for me and that it is too important a decision a) to make for someone else i.e. my kids and b) to give up on even in the face of ridiculousness. Hey I have added some links to some great vegan blogs - check them out. Yummy! Crafty blog links on the way. Byee.

Oops no French again!!!

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