Somewhere to sleep

Yay!!! I have practically finished the Moses basket lining! I am very pleased with the results from a techincal point of view even if the result does not actually correspond to my taste!!! Why did I go with classic? Why didn't I get some rainbow stripey material? Anyway. I now just have to decide whether a simple hem on the frill will do or whether I should get some ribbon or lace to go round. Also, I have washed D's lambskin and have decided that it will be perfect for Bubba to sleep on and that way there will be no need to buy or make a mattress. So I feel that the pressure is off now. I can give birth whenever, little man will have somewhere to sleep when he gets home! This sewing project has been really fun. I enjoyed every step, from working out how to do it right down to zigzagging the seams (old - but great - sewing machine). I even enjoyed the ironing! I am now what I should take on as a next project. Keep the momentum going - clothes for me post-bump, patchwork blanket for a friend's baby, bags for friends, toys for children for Christmas. Being not that an experienced sewer I could go in any direction it will all be new! We'll see. I still have the big wool cardy to finish and the hat for small. I wonder whether I will havethe time and the energy for knitting and sewing when the baby is here.
I'll soon find out!

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