Rainbow hat

Another Yay!! This time for small's rainbow hat which I have just finished. This is the one with the Noro silk garden skein and I invented the pattern myself (although of course there is nothing particularly original about it). Now I have to decide whether to line it with recycled D baby clothes (fleece or velvet). It is a bit big for a newborn and might be a bit scratchy so a lining would be good to compensate for that. But it is so cool and they can keep it until next winter. I think it would be a good size for a one year old. Hmmm. D has just tried it on and it's good for a four year old even. I love it and might have to buy another skein in boysy colours (less pink) for my little man (and why not one for D too and one for everyone else I know!!!). Also... I did a simple hem on the Moses basket lining this morning so that is done and put away until we get home from the clinic. I just have the final sleeve to sew into the big wool cardy and then I have to paint the toggles for it. The sleeves seem disproportionately small for the body of the cardy - but as B says, newborn arms are tiny!! It will keep him warm for sure. I'll put a picture when it's finished. So now most of my projects are coming to an end I have to decide what to do next. The Alpaca scarf for S maybe. Also sewing-wise I am now toying with the idea of doing a patchwork baby blanket and a full skirt because I saw one in a magazine with beautiful detail on the pleats around the waistband. Also Christmas is coming...
Right; onwards! I think we're just going to the park this afternoon...

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