About time too!

Oh dear. I haven't been a good blogger recently! I have been reading lots of other people's though and am a bit intimidated by the quality of the stuff out there (blogs, ideas, projects etc). I just came back from the clinic where I am going to er give birth. I had been feeling like it was imminent, the way you do in the last month, but my doctor doesn't want to see me until the 30th of October. Reassuring. I still have time left. To finish the moses basket lining mostly.

I have finished the green jumper I decided to make with the last post's wool. Here is a picture of it. Minus the lovely wooden buttons I have now sewn on too. I have no batteries today so cannot take a more recent picture. Here too is a picture of the little red girly cardigan a matching pumpkin hat! Plus a pumpkin hat I did in blue for a friend's baby. In an acrylic blend yarn that has completely convinced me that I am a "yarn snob". For some people nails down a blackboard.
For me, yarn containing too much acrylic. I got it done though. I like the colour too...
I am now knitting another cardigan this one in Rowan's big wool, a three tone grey one. It's a Rowan pattern too and the idea is for me to see what it's like knitting with chunky needles (too heavy) and to make something really snuggly and warm for Bubba. I went to the wool shop yesterday to buy one last ball of the wool Mum is crocheting a sleeping bag for baby out of. That is all I needed and of course I came out with the Rowan big wool and four skeins of gorgeous Alpaca dark grey yarn to make a light yet deliciously warm scarf for B out of - probably with cables. It's a week of special offers at the wool shop so I am deliberating going back and buying more... some felted tweed in brown and purple to do a stripey jumper for me (20% off). Also there is a sleevey cowly thing in the knitty archives that I really like maybe some mohair to make me a lacey scarfy thing... Blah blah. Once I start rooting out potential projects it's really difficult for me to make a final choice. It took me an hour to choose the grey big wool. I was hesitating between the grey, some more red and a nice dark brown. Ridiculous. Also on the needles is a little hat for Small. In Noro Silk Garden beautiful bright rainbow colours. I am just a tad worried about it being too itchy for the little one's head. But a joy to knit with and look at. I am a bit fed up of hats but winter is nigh and they don't take long.

Right well. I have resolved to call my brother and buy a new camera tonight. Now I must pack my maternity bag, work out how to ruffle down a slope (I know what I mean) and leave a hole for handles in a ruffle (again I know what I mean) and send off my sister in law's birthday present (bought) and the little blue hat (made) and make a shopping list and and and...


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