Pictures at last

Monday morning. I'm feeling tired (and look tireder) and have an enormous to-do list! BUT... I have decided to spend a while uploading some photos and downloading some thoughts.

To the left are the two little skirts I made. The one that 's leaving the family was delivered to its new owner during said owner's 4th birthday party on Saturday. Never have I seen so many Princesses at one occasion. All milling about, shaking their magic wands, popping giant bubbles, and having a great time of it.

Next up... a little hat I knitted up in a matter of seconds for daughter, to go with her jumper and to use up the last of the wool. Also useful avoidance prop - knitting instead of watching awful film Final Destination 3 - too much gore for me. Daughter laughed and said that hat looks like a pumpkin (sentiments repeated the following day). I don't think she will wear it and I am certainly not about to force her (no one wants a pumkin head) but her tiger looks good in it, don't you think? At least some one in the household won't have cold ears this winter. Although actually I am knitting a similar one in red for Bubba (baby pumpkin heads are surely acceptable) to use up the wool left over from still to be stiched up cardigan. On to that subject now... I am so filled with remorse at the idea of having chosen a girly colour and style (according to B) for new boy's first knitted garment that yesterday whilst out and about with B (hurrah for Jewish festivals of forgiveness and days off work) I bought some lovely green tweedy boyish wool to make a boyish v-neck or a boyish cable sweater (I am itching to have first ever attempt at doing cables) or something else suitably masculine. I also bought some gorgeous Rowan scottish tweed (or something) in a bluey black to knit myself a beret. Here they are... (note to self: buy camera with better close-up capabilities).

Actually that's it for photos for today. But a few more thoughts...

B and I spent the day at Ikea on Sunday. Literally the day. We left however practically empty handed apart from a nice beigey rug which turned out to be beautiful in concept (zen, natural fibres, natural colours, marmite and wine stain resistance due to little patches of darker bits...) but awful in reality. No, we are all about colour and should accept it. Our friend of course recognised our mistake on first glimpse of rug. It took us longer and now we have to go back to Ikea to change it. Anyway. Just to say that spending the day thinking about our flat and what we want to do with it has reawoken my desire to eliminate eliminate eliminate. Unfortunately, I am too tired and pregnant to do much about that particular desire but repeating "softly softly catch ye monkey" to myself (that's how it goes in my head) helps relieve the frustration at not having the energy to whip around the flat like a whirlwind leaving a trail of jettisoned possessions in my wake. Also, on the train home yesterday, we came up with the idea of building a piece of furniture - a custom (of course) music center with room for record player, records etc. B's little project but we are both working on the planning
development stage (since I have more practical know-how). I hope we do a good job!!

Let me quickly record my disappointment that EATING by Peter Singer still has not arrived. The VEGAN COOKING book has arrived and it is a good thing because our eating habits were nothing to be proud of last week. Lots of cheese. Lots. A sweet ricotta pie that I practically ate by myself... rubbishy breakfasts oh I don't know. Not the wholesome and healthy diet I dream of. B and I walked around a certain large, snobby and exclusive foodhall yesterday. We treat these places like museums. Our mouths were watering let me tell you (although not always for the same things - camembert, no matter what you do to it, will never get my buds tingling. Show me some dried stawberries though...). We came very close to buying something but when you could leave with the whole shop how do you decide which one, little, product you are going to leave with? Impossible. Better just to accept that the delight is in the whole panoply of goods around and not in one little packet of whatever that will soon be eaten and forgotten. Museum: you go in, you take hours looking around, you leave empty-handed but brain-filled.

I received a parcel from my lovely friends in big Scottish city this morning. What an absolute thrill. A book for me, a book for D and some sugar twizzle sticks for B (who doesn't take sugar but still). And a "hipster pda". My very own. http://www.43folders.com/2004/09/03/introducing-the-hipster-pda/
Is it obvious I have no idea how to insert links to other sites? I must come up with a suitable return package. Including perhaps a pink pumpkin head hat for their impending small...

Right onwards!

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