I first had the idea for these little guys about four years ago but I didn't do anything about it. Shame! They could have taken over the world by now. Well my world at least! There are four (all different) in my shop right now. I am just about to make some cookies for a little friend who is coming over to play. My usual failsafe recipe er failed last time (yuk) so wish me luck! Don't want to have the reputation of being the yukky cookie lady.
J'ai eu l'idée pour ces doudous il y a quatre ans. Une longue période de gestation. Mais enfin ils sont nés et se trouvent actuellement dans ma boutique. Je suis sur le point de faire des cookies et, je l'espère, sauver ma réputation: les derniers que j'avais faits n'étaient franchement pas très bons!

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