If ever you are in need of some patchwork inspiration or a small project tutorial then I recommend you head over to Pink Penguin.

I had been planning on making some quilted placemats for the four of us for a while but I was stumbling on the designs - I wanted to make a quilted Taj Mahal placemat for me man for example, and I had even cut out the green fabric, batting and backing for my daughter's tree one. But there I blocked and the project got no further off the ground.

And then when Ayumi posted pictures of some placemats she had been working on a while back, they were just the inspiration I needed and so I made a green patchwork strip, attached it to my existing green fabric and hey presto! A couple of months later I got round to making my one in pink and I'm sure eventually I will make the missing blue and black ones.
You can see from all the stains and bowl indentations that these placemats get used three times a day and they are great.

And now Ayumi has posted a really clear, picture heavy, so easy to follow, tutorial showing how she made hers. And so everyone can make their own!! Hurrah. Believe me these mats give new, deeper meaning to the term "Happy Meal" - eat off something you made, with fabric you and your loved ones chose and every meal will make you feel happy (if, ahem, your delicious cooking doesn't already make you feel happy - lets call it a "Happier Meal").Oh and just in case you didn't realise this is the same Ayumi who made the patchwork basket tutorial I followed back in September...

Bon je résume car je n'ai pas le temps de tout écrire en français
  • Ayumi de Pink Penguin assure grave
  • Elle m'a inspirée d'adapter un project sur lequel je bloquais (des sets de table)
  • Le résultat est super joli et on s'en sert plusieurs fois par jour
  • Elle vient de créer un tuto montrant comment elle fait les siens.
  • Hourra!!


  1. Your placemats are so beautiful! I love how you used Pink and Green solid fabric! So perfect! Thank you for your kind words about my blog!

  2. Hello Ayumi. Thanks for the compliment and for coming over here! I'm well chuffed you like my mats. Does that expression exist in America? All the best. Jenny

  3. j'adore tes set!!

  4. c'est superbe !!!merci pour l'info aus sujet des tutos !


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