OK I am counting baskets in my sleep now and am totally fed up with them!

My daughter is having her birthday party next week and has invited four of her friends. I want her to feel proud of her party and I decided to make a little basket for all of the party guests. I feel like I have done nothing else for the past week but now they are finished and I just have to decide what to put in them! Tricky since I don't want to spend too much money and I don't really want to put sweets in them. I'll come up with something. I like the idea of giving a small gift that may not appear to be that great at first but that may stay with these seven-year olds forever. I can totally see these little baskets evolving from toy beds say into mobile phone beds, or from conker holders into nail varnish holders. When I think of them that way they are totally worth the time and effort I spent making them.
Ces petits paniers sont pour les copines de ma fille qu'elle a invitées à sa fête la semaine prochaine. Beaucoup de travail. Je n'ai rien fait d'autre cette semaine. Mais l'idée que ces petites choses pourraient rester avec les filles à vie me fait penser que ça valait la peine.


  1. They are beautiful! Never doubt your excellence as a mother or a stitcher! Will try and call you next week.x

  2. Thanks Vix (Happy glow!). I miss you. It would be lovely to talk next week.x

  3. the lovely little baskets are breeding! v.cute though.

  4. I see chaos knows cute too!! Thanks.

  5. Le panier est là où est Rachel. Elle est super fière. C'était vraiment une très bonne idée.
    Gracias amiga.

  6. prego!
    Italien, espagnol... pareils non?!!
    bisous à tlm


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