Wake Up

Happy New Year!
Today, the first day of February, I started to get my life back on track. I have spent most of the last couple of months in a kind of stupor. Good times have been had, don't get me wrong. But the general theme has been one of despondency. Sad I know. But no more. I enrolled at the local gym last week and went for the first time tonight. It felt good. I am updating my poor neglected blog again (hurrah and big thanks to the six of you that still come back every day). Other things are being put into place too and I really hope to get my buzz back from wherever it went.

I don't have anything to show you: either because I haven't taken photographs yet or, more typically, recently, I gave the stuff away without taking pictures. But I will share soon a couple more cushion covers and a really cool toy I made for little man. Also a project that daughter and I made together. I have eaten some really good food too and may well share some recipes. We'll see.

So er welcome back (you and me both) and I hope to see you here again, often.

Oh and the picture is just one that makes me laugh. And the title of this post, which I named first and then forgot about, is a tune by The Arcade Fire I was listening to just before sitting down to write...

Meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année.

Difficile de croire qu'une douzième de 2010 s'est déjà écoulée mais... mais je vais essayer de faire une douzième de plus chaque mois qui vient. Hi hi. Un espèce de treizième mois... Car, décidément, janvier 2010 n'était pas un grand cru en ce qui me concerne. Tout cela va changer à partir d'aujourd'hui. Je suis de nouveau d'attaque. J'ai même commencé ma nouvelle inscription à la gym ce soir...


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling like yourself lately. Good for you going to the gym! Keep up the good work. Exercise is great when you need an endorphin rush. ;)

    hope to see something from you again soon,

  2. Hi Alicia
    Yup nothing like a bit of cardio to feel good!
    I'll be posting tomorrow...


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