Hiding something

A tissue box cover I just finished. I have had it in my mind to make one of these for a while and so this week I decided to just get on with it. The design was obviously based on my sofa cushions (Ikea! crazy - don't know why I haven't made some for this house - just loved the Ikea ones I guess) and I hand stitched each little square onto the grey background. It's been a while since I did any hand stitching and I quite enjoyed it. Photos aren't my thing at the mo and I think my camera knows it - each picture comes out grainy. Maybe I need to adjust my settings, maybe I need to invest in some bright lights! Maybe I just need to hang in there until my mojo comes back!

In other news... It is a time of change for me. My little man turned three early this month (and started school in September - normal age in France, he just goes mornings). As a result I am no longer receiving stay-at-home-Mum benefits and I need to start earning money again. My plan is to create some sort of business making and selling things. So right now I am brainstorming and researching how best to go about this. I am thinking about identity, products, packaging, process, prices, lots of p's... I have a couple of months to work out answers to my questions and if all goes well I will er open shop as it were in May. Watch this space!!

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