Sin Valentin

If you read "Sin" in French you get the right sound for the French "Saint" - my daughter is still learning all about the mysteries of spelling.

So happy Valentines Day to you all. Hope you are feeling loved up and not down. Share out the love man!

Joyeux Saint Valentin!

Je sais que l'on ne fête pas spécialement cette fête en France (une fois une copine célibataire a même carrément mal pris le fait que je lui l'ai souhaité). Mais, moi je pense que l'amour ne devrait pas se situer dans le domaine exclusif des amoureux. Moi je dis plus d'amour pour tout le monde!! Partageons ça!

My man went off to India on Friday with a friend. They sent me a text message saying: We arrived safely, India is total chaos, but we like it.

So I was happy.
Then I spoke to them both and the message apparently should have read: We arrived safely, India is total chaos and we hate it! But they didn't want me to worry. Ha ha ha. Anyway culture shock is a..er... shock! I'm sure they love it there now.

In the meantime, back at the madhouse, I am trying to hold things together! Doesn't look like I'm doing a good job from the state of my desk does it now? I can feel something purply on the way and I am experimenting with a dino-frog-zip-mouth purse. Don't have the right sort of zip though and will start again in blue (wasn't aiming for frog).

Donc me voilà sans mec - il est parti vendredi en Inde avec un copain. J'ai reçu un texto samedi - nous sommes bien arrivés, l'Inde c'est un gros bordel mais on aime ça.


Je leur ai parlé après et en fait le message aurait dû lire - l'Inde c'est un gros bordel et on n'aime pas ça! Ils ne voulaient pas m'inquiéter. Hi hi hi. Mais bon. Tout va bien. C'est ça l'aventure.

Ici à la maison j'essaye d'assurer le quotidien... mais de toute évidence les choses sont moins bien rangées, voire organisées, que d'habitude. Mon bureau par exemple vous donne la bonne impression. Sniff. Mais ne le dites à personne.


  1. Cute card!

    How long will you be holding down the fort alone? I hope India grows on the Mister; I enjoyed it.

    The frog has a lot of promise. Looks like you are almost there. Is it for your daughter?

    Hope you had a good holiday,

  2. Thanks Alicia! Well the man is in India for two weeks and so the kids and I will have one week at home, which is the part that feels strange, and one week in England, which will feel normal since we often leave him behind working while we are on holiday - I guess it is only fair that he gets to leave us behind sometimes! Where did you go to in India? How long did you stay. Man is in the North - Delhi, Agra, Benares, Calcutta, Darjeeling - as much as they can fit into two weeks. I haven't mentioned it on the blog I don't think but he is a fantastic cook and specialises, like you, in Indian and Italian food. He is not vegan but is always quite happy to try to make me vegan dishes. We are lucky to live in Paris where lots of authentic ingredients are readily and cheaply available. Anyway... I am hoping he comes back with lots of cooking notes and lots of fabric!
    Speak to you soon!

  3. Jenny,

    I spent most of my three week trip in South India specifically Madras. I did also spend two days in Delhi. It was a great trip I made with a friend from Madras. So now you know why I like Indian food. ;) Her mom taught me a lot about Indian food on that trip (almost three decades ago). Wow, that made me feel old to type that.

    I brought back some beautiful fabric and my friend's mom had a beautiful sari made for me and sent it to me later. That was quite an experience. They are so much more difficult to get on and wear than you would expect.

    We are normally able to obtain exotic ingredients locally as well. I think it is one of the benefits of living in a city.

    Enjoy your trip back home.

    talk to you again soon,


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