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I have just finished eating the above evening meal with me man! I made two recipes from Alicia's blog, Vegan Epicurean - the apple and leek "sausage" patties and the mustard and walnut brussels sprouts. I also made a red pepper sauce by peeling a lonely pepper I had in my fridge with my favourite gadget, a serrated peeler, and cooking that with some onion and a splash from a can of chopped tomatoes then wizzing it. The whole meal was really tasty and I can certainly recommend popping over there to get the recipes. My non-vegan boyfriend thought it was yummy too and we shall tuck into the remaining patties (I halved the recipe and made four) tomorrow evening. Right I am off to continue reading. Can't put it down.

Ci-dessus mon repas c
e soir. J'ai fait des galettes à la pomme et aux poireaux, accompagnées de choux de bruxelles à la moutarde et aux noix et d'une sauce poivron rouge. Miam miam. J'ai pris les deux recettes principales du blog d'Alicia qui malheureusement pour vous, chers amis francophones, est rédigé en anglais. Mais faites un petit effort si vous avez ce qu'il faut (temps, dico, ami anglais...) car ce blog est rempli de recettes délicieuses. Je vous laisse déjà car je vais bouquiner.

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  1. Jenny,

    You absolutely made my day! I am so glad you both liked the recipes. I am a beaming recipe mommy right now. Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed them. :)

    enjoy your book,


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