Bargello Quilt

I just thought I would share with you a quilt that my Mum made for me oh ages ago now, before my kids were born, that I photographed recently for her. I snuggle up in this quilt every day and I love it. We designed it ourselves and it is supposed to represent a close-up of some blades of grass. Not immediately obvious but at the time I had a picture on the wall of some blades of grass and the quilt was to go on my old red sofa beneath that picture for keeping me warm while watching TV. Well now the whole family uses this blanket for snuggling, making dens, sleeping under and it is defnitely one of the things I would not want to part with.


  1. Jenny,

    What a beautiful quilt your Mum made for you! I am not very talented with a sewing machine but your quilt is inspiring. I could imagine a cute tote made this way. Smaller scale items are more my speed.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the quilt. It has me imagining all sorts of applications for fabric sewed into a bargello pattern. Now all I need to do is break out the sewing machine. Time will tell.


  2. Now that is a big quilt. Looks pretty snuggly, and I can sort of see the grass... maybe after a few too many glasses of vino


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