Twenty Six

I did this t-shirt for my friend's daughter who complained "Mummy you never buy me any T-shirts with numbers on the front". Go figure (boom boom). So my friend looked, couldn't find any and asked me to put a number on the front of a basic white T. Her birthday was the 26th and we're going to see her tomorrow. And of course, it being ages since I have used double-sided fusible sticky whatever-you-call-it, I goofed. Yup did me numbers the wrong way round. And I have just realised I could have had a nice negative effect on the back.... I'll go do some maths (time it takes to stick and sew two numbers - time we have left before going out for tea).

La fille de ma copine vraisemblablement a un gros trou dans sa garde robe à l'endroit où, normalement, des t-shirt comportant des chiffres sur le devant devraient se trouver. On sait des choses à 7 ans. Elle est née le 26 du mois et demain on va fêter ça.

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  1. I like it.

    This could be a commitment for a lot of birthdays to come though...

    You should have left it backwards though, Chaos says it's a much more interesting t-shirt that way, and would have been the talk of the party! :)


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